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  • Mon 14 Mar 2022 by Vincenzo Gervasi

    Proceedings available

    The proceedings of the research track have been published as volume 13216 in the Springer LNCS series.

    You can find them on SpringerLink. All registered participant can access them free of charge, starting immediately and until mid-April.

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Welcome to the website of the REFSQ 2022 conference!

The 28th International Working Conference on Requirement Engineering: Foundation for Software Quality will take place from the 21st to 24th of March 2022. It is our intention to hold a live, in-person event in Aston, Birmingham, UK. We are aware that health recommendations may change at any moment, and the REFSQ 2022 organization is committed to promptly adapt to such recommendations, always prioritizing the safety of participants. In particular, authors of papers whose country or working organization impose restrictive travelling conditions, will be exceptionally allowed to present their work remotely. True to the REFSQ spirit, we will have a highly structured and interactive event, with a special connection to industry, and a strong emphasis on open discussion and networking.

REFSQ 2022 will include a main scientific program (including research and industrial contribution, plus other specific tracks), as well as several workshops, our Doctoral Symposium, Posters, and a Tools exhibition. Have a look at the Call for Papers for the full menu!

For the 2022 edition, we are especially seeking contributions on the various roles of explainability in requirements engineering. This includes how to elicit, specify and validate requirements for explainability in (and thus accountability of) software system, and how to design and implement systems whose behaviour in specific instances is explainable, back to the requirements whose implementation caused the behaviour, to the stakeholders expressing those requirements, and to their rationale for supporting those requirements.

Among others, the special theme includes issues such as:

  • What is Explainability and who needs it
  • How to elicit and specify Explainability
  • How to check/assure Explainability
  • Product vs. Process Explainability
  • Consequences of low Explainability
  • Self-Explainable Systems
  • Explainability of Design Decisions

The REFSQ working conference is the leading European conference series on requirements engineering. It is the goal of REFSQ to foster the creation of a strong European RE community across industry and academia. Since 1994, Requirements Engineering continued to be a dominant factor influencing the quality of software, systems and services. REFSQ seeks contributions which report on novel ideas and techniques that enhance the quality of RE’s products and processes, as well as reflections on current research. REFSQ has a long tradition of being a highly structured and interactive forum. In addition to the high-quality scientific program, REFSQ also features a highly interactive Industry Track, Workshops, Posters and Tool demos, Doctoral Symposium and an Open Science Track.