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Tue 22 Mar 2022 15:05 - 15:25 at Conference Room 1 - Formalization and NLP Chair(s): Fabiano Dalpiaz

[Context and motivation] Requirement analysis and Test specification generation are critical activities in the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), which if not done correctly can lead to defects in the software system. Manually performing these tasks on Natural Language Requirements (NLR) is time consuming and error prone. [Question/problem] The problem is to facilitate the automation of these activities by transforming the NLR into Formal Specifications. [Principal ideas/results] In this paper we present Req2Spec, a Natural Language Processing (NLP) based pipeline that performs syntactic and semantic analysis on NLR to generate formal specifications that can be readily consumed by HANFOR [1], an industry scale Requirement analysis and Test specification generation tool. We considered 222 automotive domain software requirements at BOSCH, 71% of which were correctly formalized. [Contribution] Req2Spec will be an aid to stakeholders of the SDLC as it seamlessly integrates with HANFOR enabling automation.

Tue 22 Mar

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14:00 - 15:30
Formalization and NLPResearch Papers at Conference Room 1
Chair(s): Fabiano Dalpiaz Utrecht University
FRETting About RequirementsScientific Evaluation
Research Papers
Marie Farrell Maynooth University, Matt Luckcuck Maynooth Universtiy, Oisin Sheridan Maynooth University, Rosemary Monahan National University of Ireland
Link to publication DOI Pre-print
Towards Explainable Formal Methods: from LTL to Natural Language with Neural Machine TranslationResearch Preview
Research Papers
Himaja Cherukuri Kennesaw State University, Alessio Ferrari CNR-ISTI, Paola Spoletini Kennesaw State University
Req2Spec: Transforming Software Requirements into Formal Specifications using Natural Language ProcessingResearch Preview
Research Papers
Anmol Nayak Bosch, Hari Prasad Timmapathini ARiSE Labs at Bosch, Vidhya Murali ARiSE Labs at Bosch, Karthikeyan Ponnalagu ARiSE Labs at Bosch, Vijendran Gopalan Venkoparao ARiSE Labs at Bosch, Amalinda Post Robert Bosch GmbH