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Wed 23 Mar 2022 11:30 - 12:00 at Conference Room 1 - Industry Talks

The future automotive world will be shaped by the word TRANSFORMATION.

Transformation of new powertrain systems, new vehicle E/E-architectures, new components and new requirements, where connectivity within cars and among gets more and more relevant.

Coming with this transformation, our standard working mode and processes methods & tools (PMT) need to be transformed into new collaboration models as well. E.g., Requirements won’t belong to a certain product anymore, instead we need new methods to share them, especially for functionalities that may be integrated into different products.

The challenge in transforming our products, know how and SW to new environments is being able to transform, make it run and testable and get it certified. In this talk, we’ll explain the main topics, where we need to transform our current working models to allow better collaboration.

Sebastian Walenta is a senior systems engineer for automotive products at Bosch Powertrain Solutions. He is responsible to coach internal projects to tackle their challenges in systems and requirements engineering, as well as collaborative development with other engineering domains. With the skill set of systems engineering, functional safety, technical project management and his almost 15 years Bosch product development experience, he also works on future technology topics to support the transformation process in his organisation.

Wed 23 Mar

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